Blog Season 2 Trailer

So… It’s been three years since I last updated this blog and I’m kinda missing doing so; therefore I hereby commit to resume posting, these will be the likely updates on the blog

  • Moving Out!: I’ll be migrating the blog completely, both from host and perhaps framework. Of course there will be an entry about it.
  • I may completely quit writing in Spanish: Though I like to keep it open to all audiences, writing one entry is hard and time-consuming by itself, let alone in two languages.
  • A Simple Telegram Bot: I have an abandoned Telegram Bot laying around, I will do a review of the code, simple tutorial (code + hosting) and examples.
  • Security by Example: I had the chance to review a software service with mild security and design flaws. We’ll review the case as a 101 example.
  • iPad Note Taking: I’ve been using an iPad Pro for about a year for college note-taking. I’m working on a post-process to improve the results of my notes.